Beit Chaverim

Announcing The Westport Radical Jewish Culture Festival

Beit Chaverim Synagogue is the new home of The Center for Jewish Arts and Literacy (Rabbi Greg Wall, artistic director). The Center will bring inspiring Jewish cultural offerings from its previous home at the historic Sixth Street Community Synagogue in NYC's East Village to Fairfield and Westchester Counties.

The Center's new concert series brings to Westport some of the most influential musicians of the current generation of creative Jewish artists.

1/25/2014 - Schizophonia (new project from Yoshie Fruchter)

2/22/2014 - Uri Sharlin's Dogcat Ensemble

For more information contact the office.

A Home for Spiritual Growth

Beit Chaverim is a modern orthodox synagogue, located in Westport, CT. We are devoted to the Jewish people, Torah, Jewish tradition, and to the state of Israel. Our unique strengths as a synagogue are rooted in outreach, charity, and prayer. We are currently a 70-member congregation and growing. Our membership spans a broad spectrum of Judaic background, current Jewish knowledge, observance, philosophical outlook, and political positions. It is our hope that our synagogue will serve as a central focus of spiritual and social life, as well as the source of life-long friendships. We are a house of friends, seeking community and spirituality in the home we build together.

The synagogue provides many opportunities for learning and growth through communal activities, including a broad range of adult education classes and lectures for men and women, geared to all levels of background and learning, and an abundance of youth activities. These include a Hebrew school for grades K-8, an integrated bar mitzvah and bat mitzvah program, and educational and social programs for our children. We are also committed to political activism in support of Israel and other issues relevant to the Jewish community at large.

Members of Beit Chaverim are committed to charitable activities such as visiting the sick, consoling the bereaved, providing meals for the homeless, and raising money for charity. Opportunities abound to contribute to the wider community through these and other chessed (kindness) projects.

Beit Chaverim warmly welcomes all those who seek out Jewish tradition and community. Please come in and feel at home.

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